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British Art History


British Art History

As a figurative artist I have recently become interested in the development of British art. The period spanning the Victorian era to the outbreak of World War One I have found particularly interesting.

The British art forms had been heavily influenced by narrative illustration and the work of Charles Keene is well worth looking at, as is the work of Walter Sickert. These representational art forms became unfashionable with the advent of post impressionist styles but in my opinion are still of relevance today as a means of representing human experiences.

I have also learned much from reading around the techniques used by Walter Sickert in his attempts to improve his own style. There are several good articles on the Tate website including the Camden Town Group in context which is available at .

About Howard Waring

Howard has trained in visual art at Macclesfield College and The University of Salford specialising in painting as a means of representing the lives of people as they experience day-to-day events but also those unique experiences associated with their contact with hospitals. Howard works in a variety of ways, sketching from life, using photography and uses oil painting, watercolour and printing as a means of representing what he sees.


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