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Current exhibitions at Tate Liverpool


Current exhibitions at Tate Liverpool

The Tate has something for everyone at the moment with the DLA Piper Series connecting works of art by ‘constellations’ or associations rather than by historical narrative. It seems a great way to teach art and the teacher’s pack is great too (I always down load the teachers notes, it’s a great way of clearing the cobwebs).

Of particular interest are the works of Richard Hawkins and the forthcoming exhibition by Nasreen Mohamedi. Both of these artists are of relevance to me because Hawkins takes a conceptual twist on figurative painting and Nasreen Mohamedi moved gradually away from figuration towards abstract forms. In my own practice at present I am exploring hybrid forms between figuration and abstraction.

About Howard Waring

Howard has trained in visual art at Macclesfield College and The University of Salford specialising in painting as a means of representing the lives of people as they experience day-to-day events but also those unique experiences associated with their contact with hospitals. Howard works in a variety of ways, sketching from life, using photography and uses oil painting, watercolour and printing as a means of representing what he sees.


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