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Using oil paint


Using oil paint

I use several techniques in my painting including ‘wet on wet’ where the paint is applied while the paint is still wet. This is not necessarily a new technique and was used by Velasquez but became fashionable in the impressionist and post impressionist eras.

However, I’m also interested in more carefully constructed pictures using under-painting and allowing that to dry. In modern life there is often much time pressure and few artists can now survive solely on employment as an artist- only the lucky few. More often they may have to have one or more jobs to allow them to continue in their art practice.

This brings me onto the subject of under painting and drying time, which with the addition of a drier is still three weeks at least. Acrylic is possible but has a different tactile and visual feel in my opinion.

I have recently become interested in using fast drying alkyd oils for under-painting and this seems to work quite well. The whites can be obtained in 200ml tubes although the colours are in smaller tubes. I cannot see technical reasons why this should not be a acceptable from an archival point of view but more detail can be obtained from, for example, the Winsor and Newton website

About Howard Waring

Howard has trained in visual art at Macclesfield College and The University of Salford specialising in painting as a means of representing the lives of people as they experience day-to-day events but also those unique experiences associated with their contact with hospitals. Howard works in a variety of ways, sketching from life, using photography and uses oil painting, watercolour and printing as a means of representing what he sees.


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